“Twitter is dead”.


This statement has been increasingly used countless times by individuals, where Twitter is only useful for personal application but useless for business performance. If you think like this, then you haven’t heard how successful individuals have generated clients from Twitter.

Twitter holds the platform to your business to gain relevant clients and leverage for future communications. But all you need is PATIENCE. Without it, you’re disadvantaging yourself – as you are short-term focused, meaning that your attention all goes to those ‘280’ characters. However, captions and photos only take you so far in the business world.

Twitter is about interaction! Yes, your followers are able to read your hilarious or informative captions or be engaged with your images. But they won’t be interested unless you take your time to have meaningful conversation and bring value to each interaction. If you create a genuine relationship with them, they are more inclined to spread the word around or purchase your product/service.


Push & Pull Marketing

Push marketing is short term and immediate customer action, like promoting a big event when the holidays come around or focusing on a specific product or service. These promotions are usually time-sensitive, (“offers only last this month, so take advantage of this great opportunity”) informative and convincing. At this point, your business is likely blasting out sale tweets to constantly remind your audience. Yes, this may generate a sufficient amount of sales, but your customers are going to be less inclined to purchase from your company again if they aren’t going to be another sale.

Now, pull marketing is the way to go for Twitter! Pull marketing is long-term and a longer consumer decision-making process. But this strategy requires an immense amount of patience as it involves learning about the clients’ individuals interests and shaping them to work in favour with your sales strategy.

Here are some strategies:

  1. Engage with other business: If you’re a small-to-medium business, you could potentially collaborate with a similar company to generate short-term sales, but a long-term relationship. To start off, start liking, commenting or sharing their content. Then, after a while – send them a message!
  2. Monitor – Always be on a lookout for trends or relevant conversations that you can input in that will raise brand awareness. Express your opinion on Twitter and your engagement will flourish!
  3. Measure – Keep on Twitter Analytics to give you an overview of your business’ performing and use those statistics to your advantage and up your marketing game.

If you are still stuck with Twitter’s usefulness, then visit www.consyar.com to view our packages as we have the resources and tools to make YOUR business grow!

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